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Al is the Managing Partner at Interlock Capital, a community-driven startup fund that allows seasoned or aspiring angel investors to get into amazing companies within their own budget. Al’s been involved in multiple San Diego startups since 1999 after leaving the Detroit auto industry as an electrical engineer. He's started two of his own companies where he's raised capital from both VCs and angels, and sold one of them to both Seismic and Return Path. He's graduated both Techstars and Founder Institute accelerator programs where he now mentors. In his free time he manages to play a little beach volleyball, invest in startups, trade stocks, and camp with his wife, son, dog, and friends.

Share Your To-Do List across Multiple PCs with OneNote and Dropbox

OneNote DropBox

EDIT 2011.05.12:  I’ve since moved to Windows Live to synchronize my notebooks since SugarSync seems to be generating copious amounts of duplicates.  Not sure what happened, but it started thinking nearly every tab was a duplicate even if the other PC wasn’t on.  Very difficult to manage the additional tabs and assure items weren’t duplicated.  While “Live” has a...

Nothing to See Here… #5

Nothing To See Here

Because I seem to have gotten pelted with a bunch of cool stuff over the past few days… This video’s been around a bit, but the geek in me loves a crazy machine.  This is the most insane wine corking / pouring gadget ever created: ** Video no longer available   So, Google acquired GrandCentral a while back and they’re on the verge of releasing Google Voice.  It’s only...

32 Free Applications for PCs, Make You and Your PC Happy!

Happy PC

It’s rare that I run across an article that makes me want to link it in my blog directly.  Normally, I’ll Digg it, or Tweet it, or put it in my Shared News, or something similar so it shows up in my LifeStream (the side-bar to the left).  However, this one deserves special mention. It’s a list of 32 applications that you, geek or not, might very well find useful in some form or...

Nothing to See Here… #4

Nothing To See Here

For the second time in a row, a “Nothing to See Here” episode is being written during what many in San Diego would consider a tropical storm.  Really, it’s just a good rain and some wind.  We silly San Diegans… A very cool mockup-tool has been released that allows you to quickly create drawings of websites or applications without using pen and paper.  Have a look at...

Merger and Acquistion – How to Fail at it from a Technology Perspective

merger acquisition

I thought it would be fun to take a different perspective on how to go about merging or acquiring a company…by focusing our undevided attention on how to fail at it.  This article focuses mostly on the technology aspects and skips over Human Resources, Finance, and other non-technical areas.  I will spend a little time on Operations, though…as Technology and Operations should be...

Multi-Touch Interface for Music Creation


A few weeks back, I wrote an article about Amazing Human-Computer Interfaces, which included a plethora of videos showing off some of these cool technologies. Today, I ran across a guy (Randy Jones) who did a DIY version of a multi-touch interface.  He uses it to play music, and shows off how it works in the below video.  It’s got a much higher sample rate than most, and is pretty...

Times are Changing… (Did You Know?)


This is one of those videos that compares how things used to be, how they are now, and where they’re going… This is one of those videos that staggers the mind with sheer numbers… This is one of those videos that can make you feel a little old… (but it’s great to know we’re living through such an accelerated time) This video has a slight bent on technology, and...

All I want for Christmas…

Laser TV

…is a big fat Laser TV.  Is that too much to ask? First a little info about LaserTV…  The light source is, you guessed it, lasers.  What benefit does this provide us? Twice the color (TWICE). 135W power consumption.  1/3rd the power consumption of LCD, 1/4th of Plasma. Less than 12″ deep (for a rear-projection…amazing). Laser light source expected to exceed the life of the...

Nothing to See Here… #3

Nothing To See Here

The “impending storm of doom” lurking outside my office window today has postponed my hike with the dog.  So, I decided to hibernate for a bit and do another quick list of interesting links… This is slightly older news (story broke a month or so ago) but I found it timely, as I’ve been semi-in-the-market for a new TV.  3 Flat-Screen Makers Plead Guilty to Trying to Keep...

Nothing to See Here… #2

Nothing To See Here

Another installment of some cool links and do-dads I’ve gathered over the past few weeks. Gary Vaynerchuck and Maynard James Keenan.  Know either of those names?  I’m impressed if you know one…if you know both, you’re a rock star.  Gary is the Director of Operations for WineLibrary and energetically hosts a great video podcast WineLibrary.TV.  Maynard, on the other hand...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined