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Microsoft BizSpark Plus and My Company Embarke

BizSpark Plus - Embarke Benefits

So, a lot has happened this year with Embarke…and one of the most substantial things is Embarke being accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program.  If you don’t feel like clicking that link, here’s the Cliff’s Notes:  We get $60k of free Azure Cloud services.  Nice! We’re so excited, we shot a video for it.  Bryan and I chatted for about 15 minutes, then I...

A Better Twitter Widget for BlogEngine.NET 1.6


UPDATE 05/01/2010:  Per Donovan Olivier’s Suggestion, I’ve updated this widget to fix a problem in displaying Twitter usernames with an underscore in them.  Thanks Donovan! I made some tweaks today to the new Twitter Widget that was released with BlogEngine.NET 1.6.  I noticed that @User and #Hash tags were not linked up, so I fixed that. Below is the code you need to modify.  Any...

BlogEngine 1.6 Released – Quick Start Help Guide

BlogEngine Logo

BlogEngine 1.6 was just released with substantial SPAM Filtering and Comment Management upgrades.  As well, a number of bug fixes and other new features have been included such as Multiple Widget Zones. You should follow this upgrade process, but I’ve also added my own summary of the steps I took below. Make a backup! Copy your live web to a test web, if you have the ability to test on another...

Add CAPTCHA to Your BlogEngine.NET Installation – Reduce SPAM!

No Spam!

UPDATE 01.31.2010:  The latest release of BlogEngine.NET (2.0) addresses a number of spam-related issues and includes some of it’s own CAPTCHA-type options, including reCaptcha. UPDATE 02.21.2010:  Michael’s post was updated to include a minor tweak required for BlogEngine 1.6 support. I’ve gotten a fair amount of attention regarding a post which details ways to reduce SPAM within...

Controlling the Influx of SPAM on BlogEngine.NET


UPDATE 01.31.2010:  The latest release of BlogEngine.NET (2.0) addresses a number of spam-related issues and includes some of it’s own CAPTCHA-type options, including reCaptcha. BlogEngine.NET implements an “Invisible CAPTCHA” solution that has worked quite well for a considerable amount of time.  As of the past few weeks, those of us using BlogEngine.NET have been pelted with numerous SPAM...

Integrate TweetMeme Button into BlogEngine.NET


UPDATE: 5/26/2010:  As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve replaced this code with a button.  I like the system better, and it seems much more reliable and stable.  You can apply this similarly by checking out their APIs and sample code. UPDATE 5.13.2009:  Trying to find out why the counter is not incrementing, I know there’s at least two out...

Nothing to See Here… #5

Nothing To See Here

Because I seem to have gotten pelted with a bunch of cool stuff over the past few days… This video’s been around a bit, but the geek in me loves a crazy machine.  This is the most insane wine corking / pouring gadget ever created: ** Video no longer available   So, Google acquired GrandCentral a while back and they’re on the verge of releasing Google Voice.  It’s only...

BlogEngine.NET Extension – Vimeo Video


The other day I ran across an incredible video on Vimeo (will share video in an upcoming post…don’t want to spoil it!)  In doing so, I realized that I needed to post it on my blog…since I’d already written a YouTube Extension / Plug-In for BlogEngine.NET, I decided to modify this to work for Vimeo and publish it as well.  Enjoy! Yet again, I should give some credit to Sean...

BlogEngine.NET Extension – YouTube Video


I was disappointed to see that the YouTube extension for BlogEngine was no longer available for download, so I decided to create my own. I had recently installed Sean Blakemore’s Silverlight Extension, and since I have never coded an extension for BlogEngine I figured I’d learn from a similar application.  Thanks for the head start, Sean!  I really used the base of his code and...

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