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32 Free Applications for PCs, Make You and Your PC Happy!


Happy PCIt’s rare that I run across an article that makes me want to link it in my blog directly.  Normally, I’ll Digg it, or Tweet it, or put it in my Shared News, or something similar so it shows up in my LifeStream (the side-bar to the left).  However, this one deserves special mention.

It’s a list of 32 applications that you, geek or not, might very well find useful in some form or another.  I use about 40% of these on a regular basis.  If the list wasn’t enough, they also provide 10 more “honorable mentions” and a final application that will install them all for you automatically.

It includes applications for Directory Visualization, Ripping DVD / Blu-Ray, PDFs, Virtualization, Gaming, File Syncrhonization, Search, Encryption, IP Telephony (Voice Over IP), CPU / GPU Specs, Media (music, video, photo, audio, image), File Transfer, Secure Password Storage, Productivity, Anti-Virus…and the list really goes on.  It’s very much worth a look.

Maximum PC’s 32 Totally Essential (and Free) Applications for PCs

The one application I disagree with…or, better yet, I simply use another…is the Photoshop replacement.  They recommend Gimp, I use (and have used for some time) Paint.NET.

Image (and story) Credit:  Maximum PC

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By Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined