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Nothing to See Here… #5

Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here!

Because I seem to have gotten pelted with a bunch of cool stuff over the past few days…

This video’s been around a bit, but the geek in me loves a crazy machine.  This is the most insane wine corking / pouring gadget ever created:

** Video no longer available


So, Google acquired GrandCentral a while back and they’re on the verge of releasing Google Voice.  It’s only available to GrandCentral users, but they expect it to be ready for launch in a few weeks.  You can read about the features here, some of which include:

  • Google Number:  Call Screening, Listen In (while someone is leaving a voicemail), Block Calls, SMS, Place Calls (US calls for free), Taking Calls (from any number of your phone lines), Phone Routing (based on who calls), Forwarding Phones
  • Google Voicemail:  Voicemail Transcripts (yep, read your voicemail), Listen to Voicemail, Notifications (via email or SMS), Personalize Greeting, Share Voicemail (forward or download)
  • Voice Features:  Conference CAlling, Call Recording, Call Switch (switch phones mid-call), Mobile Site (check things via mobile phone), GOOG-411 (Google’s already existing directory assistance), Manage Groups (and set preferences for them)

Here’s an interesting video on listening in on a voicemail as it’s being left (and joining the call if you wish!)

Jason Calacanis posted an unemployment chart for every state over the past couple of years…

If you’re in to Home-Brew DIY DVR’s like I am (click the link for my first article on SageTV), then you’ll love this list of available SageTV add-ons posted by GeekTonic.

Were you lucky enough to ever make it to the world famous CBGB’s before it shut down?  Me neither.  Here’s the next best thing!  This is an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of everything from the stages to the bathrooms…classic fun technology.

This Solid State Drives (SSD) are cool?  How about 24 of them RAIDed together in an amazing system?  Might cost you a few bucks though!

A very cool technology that allows you to interact with a video presentation on-the-fly, you can even try it yourself!  Watch the video in this link then give your own version a go!  All you’ll need is a piece of paper, a printer, a webcam, and a microphone.  Thanks GE!

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