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The JOBS Act and Crowdfunding, Will This Work?

American JOBS Act

Mark April 5, 2012 on your calendars people. It’s a monumental day. Today is the day that President Obama will sign the JOBS Act. For entrepreneurs and startups, the most exciting piece of this is crowdfunding. As Howard Lindzon says, crowdfunding has been around for years.  So what’s the big deal with this legislation?  Today, if you’re to invest your hard-earned dollars in a company (for equity...

Times are Changing… (Did You Know?)


This is one of those videos that compares how things used to be, how they are now, and where they’re going… This is one of those videos that staggers the mind with sheer numbers… This is one of those videos that can make you feel a little old… (but it’s great to know we’re living through such an accelerated time) This video has a slight bent on technology, and...

President Elect Obama and His Weekly YouTube Video Address


In one of my previous articles prior to the election, I made mention of whether or not the great business leaders of the United States would step up to the governmental plate and bring this country back on track.  Whether or not you like his views, political stance, experience, background, or anything else about him…you have to admit that President Elect Obama knows how to rally people. ...

The American Grass Roots Voting Infrastructure


Every four years I have the same moment of bewilderment.  It’s that moment when I go on line (or digging through my mail) to figure out where it is I’m supposed to vote.  Every time, I’m told the same thing: “Some Random Person’s Garage”. In this day and age, in a world full of technology…I’m awestruck by the fact that we still commandeer thousands...

Read, Listen, View #1 – Politics, Economy, and Our Country’s Org Chart


I was sparked by a couple things over the past few days, and they’re ultimately the reason for this post.  In fact, I think the “Read, Listen, View” concept of this post just might end up being a recurring theme for my blog.  A good read, a good listen, and a good view…all on similar or related topics. First…I’m NOT a fan of politics.  Frankly, I’m amazed...

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