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I was on This Week In Startups asking about Co-Founders


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Al is the Managing Partner at Interlock Capital, a community-driven startup fund that allows seasoned or aspiring angel investors to get into amazing companies within their own budget. Al’s been involved in multiple San Diego startups since 1999 after leaving the Detroit auto industry as an electrical engineer. He's started two of his own companies where he's raised capital from both VCs and angels, and sold one of them to both Seismic and Return Path. He's graduated both Techstars and Founder Institute accelerator programs where he now mentors. In his free time he manages to play a little beach volleyball, invest in startups, trade stocks, and camp with his wife, son, dog, and friends.


  • omg Al i watch TWIST all the time 🙂 I never even noticed you. I’m usually working away but wow – will need to watch this again 🙂

  • Ha, Ryan! Thanks man. Was a fun episode (I watch regularly too). I’m actually in the Founder Institute now (one of their recommendations). Kicking my arse a bit (grueling and brutal)…but is a really great program…


  • Just received a comment alert and noticed your reply to me from December.
    Sorry to say that I never received the email or even the comment alert.

    sulleleven on gmail

    Good luck with the Founder Institute.



  • Hey Sull, no worries. I think I was having email issues around that time, as you’re not the first from December-ish to say they never got my email. I’ll re-send…

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Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined