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Gas vs Electric Vehicle Cost and Savings Calculator


It’s spreadsheet time! Every once in a while I need to build a spreadsheet to help me understand the math behind a decision so I can make a more informed choice. Ok, it happens way more than every once in a while. Regardless, you get to benefit! Why did I build this thing? Because I couldn’t get a straight-forward answer that applied to my specific situation. Should I buy an electric...

Cutting the Cord, Pulling the Plug – I Cancelled my Cable!

Cable TV Static Flicker

January 25, 2012. That was the day (so I’ve had 3 months under my belt). After years of building home-brew DVR’s, and spending countless monthly dollars on a service I rarely used anymore…I made the move.  Shut it down, turned it off, sent the equipment back!  Now I just have an internet connection. How do I feel?  Well, like I’ve got a few more dollars in my pocket for...

I was on This Week In Startups asking about Co-Founders

Al Bsharah on This Week in Startups

You can see my mug on Web TV Network today, on their Startups show with Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley.  Amazing guys with amazing insights, been watching their podcast for some time now.
I asked some questions about co-founders and how best to find the good ones.
Have a watch of the show here!  I come on at around the 22 minute mark.

Looking for My Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

UPDATE:  I’ve found my next big thing, and it’s called Embarke!  I was accepted to the Founder Institute in March of 2011, and graduated after 4 grueling months of entrepreneurial incubation.  I met my cofounder Bryan Hall through the program, and we’ve started a new company.  Our beta was in July 2011, and the rest is (or will be) history.  Have a look at our site, and let us...

How to Organize Your Garage in Three Steps


I recently had the pleasure gutting and organizing my garage a couple weeks back, and thought I would share my story.  In speaking with friends, family, and strangers about my adventure, I know I’m not the only one out there who’s collected far too much stuff to keep organized. When I started, I had waist-to-chest high stuff all over the place and had to jump over items to get from one end of the...

My Goddaughter is a Geek.


My Goddaughter is so cool she has her own blog. Becoming a Godfather is actually one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a Godfather.  The parents are great friends, the father is my best friend and was the best man at my wedding.  I’ve known him since 1991-92 timeframe and his wife is the sweetest thing ever.  Months back, while...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined