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Early Stage Startup Advice – Interviewed by Eric Weiss


I recently reconnected with someone I used to share coworking space with, Eric Weiss. We got to talking and realized we share a lot of the same mentality when it comes to product development.

A few weeks later, Eric asked if I would do an interview with him for his new site We cover all kinds of topics focused around product development in a wandering conversation.

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Table of Contents

03:06What are the most important things from a Product Development perspective?
07:52How do you get access to enough potential users, and assure you’re getting good data out of them?
14:11How do you take feedback and turn it into a solution?
18:00What are the elements of a great user experience?
20:13Any guidance on how to transform a prototype into an MVP?
23:25What are some of the bigger pitfalls you think founders fall into that can be avoided?
26:37How do you validate whether or not you have true product-market fit?
28:41How do you remove “founder blinders” to see beyond what’s right in front of you?
30:34What are some ways to find smart mentors and advisors?
33:28How did you lead Email Copilot to a successful acquisition?
37:50Do founders actually know more about what customers want than the customers themselves?
43:40What have you learned while experiencing the meteoric growth of Seismic?
45:34What contributes to an accelerated pace of innovation at a rocket ship company?
47:17How do you keep the voice of the customer strong throughout the organization?
49:05How do you keep that startup mentality or magic alive at scale?
53:11Any parting words of wisdom?

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Al Bsharah

Al is the Managing Partner at Interlock Capital, a community-driven startup fund that allows seasoned or aspiring angel investors to get into amazing companies within their own budget. Al’s been involved in multiple San Diego startups since 1999 after leaving the Detroit auto industry as an electrical engineer. He's started two of his own companies where he's raised capital from both VCs and angels, and sold one of them to both Seismic and Return Path. He's graduated both Techstars and Founder Institute accelerator programs where he now mentors. In his free time he manages to play a little beach volleyball, invest in startups, trade stocks, and camp with his wife, son, dog, and friends.

By Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined