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The American Grass Roots Voting Infrastructure


Vote!Every four years I have the same moment of bewilderment.  It’s that moment when I go on line (or digging through my mail) to figure out where it is I’m supposed to vote.  Every time, I’m told the same thing: “Some Random Person’s Garage”.

In this day and age, in a world full of technology…I’m awestruck by the fact that we still commandeer thousands of garages across the nation in order to cast the vote of millions of United States Citizens.

Ya know what?  I LOVE THIS.

Every time I say that I’m going to sign up for an absentee ballot the next time, but I don’t.  Every time I say to myself that we’ll have technology in place that will allow us all to vote on-line next time around, but we don’t.  The fact is, I may never choose these quick-and-easy options because I love walking 0.2 miles to my neighbor’s garage to cast my vote for the next President of these United States.  To me, that is an amazing thing.  The fact that these votes all get gathered, organized, tallied, and slapped up on our TV screens within such a short period of time is equally amazing.

There’s something about this grass roots voting process that brings me back to my youth, to the days of crayons, neighborhood gatherings, doing things manually, and getting the community together to rally around something so monumental.  We still do this.  A nation of 305+ Million people.  We vote in garages.  We vote in VFW’s.  We vote in apartment lobbies.  We vote wherever we can find a willing host with room for voters.

Amazing.  Now run to your local garage and cast your vote!

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Al is the Managing Partner at Interlock Capital, a community-driven startup fund that allows seasoned or aspiring angel investors to get into amazing companies within their own budget. Al’s been involved in multiple San Diego startups since 1999 after leaving the Detroit auto industry as an electrical engineer. He's started two of his own companies where he's raised capital from both VCs and angels, and sold one of them to both Seismic and Return Path. He's graduated both Techstars and Founder Institute accelerator programs where he now mentors. In his free time he manages to play a little beach volleyball, invest in startups, trade stocks, and camp with his wife, son, dog, and friends.


  • Heya – just looking over the platform you use. How are you finding it? I have a few sites using wordpress and want to vary them a little to see which produce better results. Is the backend OK for it?


    Matthew Anderson

  • Hey Matthew! I love BlogEngine.NET. Have had zero issues with it, is easy to develop on and build extensions for. They just released 1.5, which has improved stability and features from what I understand (haven’t upgraded yet).

    I don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress though, so I can’t really give you a fair comparison. I will say that BE has seen an increase in "buzz" over the past few months (in particular). Lots of folks seem to be moving towards it.

    Good luck!

By Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined