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Wolfram | Alpha – What? Wolfram Research is Launching a Search Engine


Wolfram|Alpha – Could it be the next “Google Killer”?


Every so often, a new technology comes about that changes the way we do things.  Electricity, Television, the Refrigerator, the Dishwasher, the Internet, Google, Personal Computing, Microsoft, the iPhone…these are all fair examples of world-changing inventions.

Looking at what Google has done to the many industries they’ve touched (Internet search being just one…and our focus here), who could possibly trump what they’ve done?  To date, I’d say no one comes close.  The ones who have tried are simply replicating what Google does and slapping a couple new features on top of it…which is not a game-changing solution.

Today, I was introduced to a new website, which appears to be launching in varied locations today.  The company is called Wolfram Research (and the site appears to be taking a bit of a beating right now).  Regardless, have a look at this Wolfram | Alpha Video to get an amazing look into what this new search technology is capable of.  Yes, this part is bold *and* italic.  Click it.

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I’m a bit of a stats junkie, so this site really caught my eye.  The possibilities for this type of search engine are amazingly complex and deep, and I can’t wait to play with it…let alone see where this heads long term!


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Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined