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Music Tools

How do you organize your music?  Are you an iTunes or Windows Media user?  Do you not bother owning your own music, and use services like Pandora or Last.FM?  Do you create playlists?  If so, are they manual or “smart”?  Can your playlists evolve as your tastes in music do, or do they require you to make changes on your own? Music happens to be something I spend a lot of my days...

Genius Playlists – How Apple Missed the Mark


To start, I was one of the most excited people on the planet to hear that Apple was releasing iTunes 8.0, which apparently had “Genius Playlist” functionality.  This functionality essentially creates playlists of music that are similar to a song you select.  Fantastic feature, but boy did they miss the mark. For reference, I’ve been hacking my way...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined