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Share Your To-Do List across Multiple PCs with OneNote and Dropbox

OneNote DropBox

EDIT 2011.05.12:  I’ve since moved to Windows Live to synchronize my notebooks since SugarSync seems to be generating copious amounts of duplicates.  Not sure what happened, but it started thinking nearly every tab was a duplicate even if the other PC wasn’t on.  Very difficult to manage the additional tabs and assure items weren’t duplicated.  While “Live” has a...

Dropbox – Very Cool File Synchronizing / Sharing Application


UPDATE:  Dropbox is now out of beta, anyone can sign up!  I got a private beta invite to Dropbox, a very cool file sync application that works on PC, Mac, Linux, web…  Essentially, you can drop files into your DropBox folder on one computer and they’ll magically show up on your other systems (or even the web).  You can share them out so people can view them on-line (i.e. you want to...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined