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CenterBeam Improves Upon Single Pane of Glass Web Portal (Press Release…plus!)

My CenterBeam Portal Screenshot

One of the many projects I’ve been focused on over the past 6 months is integration of the old Network Insight portal that I created into the existing CenterBeam portal framework.  Not only did we successfully do this, but we also launched a completely redesigned portal framework in the process. Within just a couple months of acquisition, we not only had both companies on the same internal...

Merger and Acquistion – How to Fail at it from a Technology Perspective

merger acquisition

I thought it would be fun to take a different perspective on how to go about merging or acquiring a company…by focusing our undevided attention on how to fail at it.  This article focuses mostly on the technology aspects and skips over Human Resources, Finance, and other non-technical areas.  I will spend a little time on Operations, though…as Technology and Operations should be...

CenterBeam Grows IT Services through Acquisition of Network Insight (Press Release)


CenterBeam Grows IT Services through Acquisition of Network Insight Market-Leader Gains Deeper Network Expertise and Offers Further Redundancy San Jose, Calif—October 28, 2008—Today CenterBeam, Inc. announced it has acquired Network Insight, a premier network management and consulting services firm based out of San Diego, California.  The acquisition strengthens...

Brainstorming with Mind Mapping Software


Since the Acquisition (press release maybe this Friday?) of Network Insight (NI), I’ve been spending a fair amount of time trying to understand the technologies of our new company.  My responsibilities at NI have always included the technologies we used to run our business, and manage the networks of our many customers from within our 24×7 NOC (among my many other duties).  With the...

Network Insight Acquired…


UPDATE 10.24.2008:  The acquisition is 100% official, so I’m updating this post to be a little less anonymous regarding the buyer.  I’ll post the press release when it comes out. So, the big news is that my company, Network Insight, was recently acquired by CenterBeam.  The formal press release has been delayed (due out the week of 10/27/2008), so I won’t announce the buyer just...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined