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Nothing to See Here… #6

Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here!

Yet another installment of links that are hopefully not indicative of the title…

Google announced a few new search features last week, allowing you to further drill-down into your search results based on type (Video, Forums, Reviews), time (recent, 24 hours, week, year), style (standard, with images, more text), and view (related searches, timeline, and the “wonder wheel”).  Give it a shot by clicking on the “Show Options” link after entering your search terms.

Click this page.  Follow the instructions.  A very cool collaboration of sounds, music, and spoken word…but you get to choose how it plays out.  Click this page.

Looking into the past, we were recently able to see a supernova that happened 13 billion years ago.  That’s with a “B”, billion.  13 of them.  13,000,000,000 years ago.  Just for reference sake, we’re living in the year 2,009.  If we were to live from year zero to 2009 over and over, it would take 6,470,881 times before we’d reach 13 billion.  Makes ya feel young, don’t it?


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Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined