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A Better Twitter Widget for BlogEngine.NET 1.6


UPDATE 05/01/2010:  Per Donovan Olivier’s Suggestion, I’ve updated this widget to fix a problem in displaying Twitter usernames with an underscore in them.  Thanks Donovan! I made some tweaks today to the new Twitter Widget that was released with BlogEngine.NET 1.6.  I noticed that @User and #Hash tags were not linked up, so I fixed that. Below is the code you need to modify.  Any...

It’s the End of the World – Twitter is Down!

Fail Whale

UPDATE 8/6 8.04am: It appears to be a Denial of Service attack that Twitter is currently combating. Back when Twitter was still just a method for geeks to spout off about whatever, seeing the Fail Whale was quite commonplace.  Multiple times per day, Twitter would get overloaded and the system simply couldn’t keep up.  Post venture capital, it’s finally come around that everyone from...

Integrate TweetMeme Button into BlogEngine.NET


UPDATE: 5/26/2010:  As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve replaced this code with a button.  I like the system better, and it seems much more reliable and stable.  You can apply this similarly by checking out their APIs and sample code. UPDATE 5.13.2009:  Trying to find out why the counter is not incrementing, I know there’s at least two out...

Managing Distractions and Increasing Productivity – How Do We Get Things Done?


We live in a very distractable world.  Email, Instant Messanger, Cell Phones, Home Phone (if you still have one), Text Messages, Desk Phone.  No matter where you are, you can be interrupted.  Sometimes in more ways than just one…  How many times has this happened to you: You’re on a call at your desk, and another call beeps in.  You have to ignore it, as…you’re on another...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined