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All I want for Christmas…

Laser TV

…is a big fat Laser TV.  Is that too much to ask? First a little info about LaserTV…  The light source is, you guessed it, lasers.  What benefit does this provide us? Twice the color (TWICE). 135W power consumption.  1/3rd the power consumption of LCD, 1/4th of Plasma. Less than 12″ deep (for a rear-projection…amazing). Laser light source expected to exceed the life of the...

Amazing Human-Computer Interfaces – Prepare to Finally Ditch That Mouse and Keyboard!

Minority Report

Whether or not you’re a fan of the movie Minority Report (or Tom Cruise, for that matter), you’re going to love what you see here.  This article was sparked by some new technology from a company called Oblong Industries.  Apparently, many of the founders of this organization were involved in the making of the movie and have decided to make the incredibly cool user interface from the...

Genius Playlists – How Apple Missed the Mark


To start, I was one of the most excited people on the planet to hear that Apple was releasing iTunes 8.0, which apparently had “Genius Playlist” functionality.  This functionality essentially creates playlists of music that are similar to a song you select.  Fantastic feature, but boy did they miss the mark. For reference, I’ve been hacking my way...

Dropbox – Very Cool File Synchronizing / Sharing Application


UPDATE:  Dropbox is now out of beta, anyone can sign up!  I got a private beta invite to Dropbox, a very cool file sync application that works on PC, Mac, Linux, web…  Essentially, you can drop files into your DropBox folder on one computer and they’ll magically show up on your other systems (or even the web).  You can share them out so people can view them on-line (i.e. you want to...

SageTV DIY (Do It Yourself) DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


I’ve spent considerable time on this “hobby” of mine, and I’d like to share with you some of the details…or at least cut-to-the-chase so you can avoid the hastles I ran into. So…I made the decision about a year ago that I was done with TiVo.  Just not as flexible and feature-rich as I wanted it to be.  Upon making this realization, I began researching my...

Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined