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CenterBeam Improves Upon Single Pane of Glass Web Portal (Press Release…plus!)


My CenterBeam Portal ScreenshotOne of the many projects I’ve been focused on over the past 6 months is integration of the old Network Insight portal that I created into the existing CenterBeam portal framework.  Not only did we successfully do this, but we also launched a completely redesigned portal framework in the process.

Within just a couple months of acquisition, we not only had both companies on the same internal business infrastructure (email, file systems, etc) but we integrated our on-line web presence into a single pane of glass for all of our customers (launched Feb 2009).

Took me a while to post this, as it all happened between November and February, but below is the official CenterBeam Press Release text:


Midmarket Gains Window to its IT Services Through Single Pane of Glass

MyCenterBeam Delivers Innovative Enterprise Mashup Functionality

SAN JOSE, CA – 04/07/2009

CenterBeam today announced its next generation online customer interface, My CenterBeam. This enterprise mashup represents a significant evolution of its key information and support tools into one seamless window pane for organizations to manage their IT services. Combining information from messaging systems, business intelligence engines and data integration solutions, My CenterBeam delivers critical service information to a single pane of glass, clean and standardized.

With My CenterBeam, the company addresses a significant issue for midmarket businesses, the ability to inspect, verify and manage, in one pane of glass, its IT service performance, security and availability information. With this data typically coming from numerous vendors, systems and platforms, each with its own proprietary console or reporting portal, there has been no coherent way to easily or cost effectively aggregate and correlate the information.

Traditionally, IT teams have to draw information from disparate data sources, each tracking and reporting data in their own way. CenterBeam’s operational data store forms the nucleus of My CenterBeam, leveraging Web 2.0 techniques and CenterBeam-developed API’s to collect and transform that information into consumable or “mashable” assets. My CenterBeam presents the correlated assets in a standardized format, allowing users to gain valuable insight into service metrics. This includes patch and configuration management data, anti-virus and anti-malware statistics, case and satisfaction metrics, service requests, server and network availability and performance and mailbox usage – all in a single pane of glass.

“Until now, an IT executive had to keep track of statistics and information from possibly dozens of different vendors to figure out the health and performance of its IT systems. This makes inspection close to impossible and exposes the business to risk if, for example, they don’t notice that a significant patch has been missed, or if backups aren’t happening the way they are supposed to,” states Shahin Pirooz, Executive Vice President and CTO, CenterBeam. “My CenterBeam eliminates the confusion and delivers clarity by rolling up all service and information into one standard view, giving the business or IT executive, for the first time, one place to go for comprehensive and actionable information.”

“My CenterBeam provides invaluable insight into the performance of our IT operations,” states Curtis Helsel, Vice President, Information Services at University of Colorado Foundation. “To gain this level of information on my own, I would have to access several different reporting consoles and attempt to translate and reconstruct the data to provide a holistic view of our systems. This is something I don’t have the time or resources to manage or maintain.”

My CenterBeam aggregates information for all CenterBeam services including hosted email, PC security, network and server management and help desk statistics.

About CenterBeam
Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., CenterBeam is an award-winning managed IT services provider with a rich service portfolio including PC management, hosted Microsoft® Exchange email, helpdesk support, network and server management and consulting services. More than 140,000 daily services are delivered in an integrated software as a service (SaaS) architecture to clients with end users working in forty-five countries. For more information, visit

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