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BlogEngine.NET Extension – Vimeo Video


The other day I ran across an incredible video on Vimeo (will share video in an upcoming post…don’t want to spoil it!)  In doing so, I realized that I needed to post it on my blog…since I’d already written a YouTube Extension / Plug-In for BlogEngine.NET, I decided to modify this to work for Vimeo and publish it as well.  Enjoy!

Yet again, I should give some credit to Sean Blakemore’s Silverlight Extension, since that is what I based my YouTube Extension on.

UPDATE 01.13.2011: Version 1.1 Released.  Fixes compatibility issues with BlogEngine.NET 2.0.  Should now work just fine!

Version history at end of this post.

So, installation is quite easy:

  1. Take this ZIP file – Vimeo Player 1.1 – BlogEngine Extension – and extract the VimeoPlayer.cs file into your /App_Code/Extensions folder within the root of your BlogEngine installation.
  2. Log into the “Extensions” portion of your admin panel, you should see the VimeoPlayer extension.
  3. Click the Edit link to change settings.  NOTE: You do not need to modify these settings if you don’t want, you can skip to step 4.
    • Width and Height are set to the default Vimeo size, but I actually run mine at a larger setting of 600 x 338.
    • Make sure you keep this “aspect ratio” of 400 x 225.  Meaning, the default ratio of 400 / 225 = 1.7778.  My new ratio of 600 / 338 = 1.775 (pretty close).  This will assure that you display wide-screen format in case the Vimeo video you imbed is Hi-Definition content.
  4. Create a new entry and add this code to your blog to insert a Vimeo video:  [ vimeo:YourVideoCodeGoesHere ]  (without the spaces).
    • Note that the “YourVideoCodeGoesHere” part is typically random numbers.  You can see them in the URL of your Vimeo video.

Below is an example of a Standard-Definition (SD) video, as well as a High-Definition (HD) video.

That being said, the code entered for these two videos are [ vimeo:1098984 ] and [ vimeo:1674177 ](minus the spaces)

The SD video looks like this:

The HD video looks like this:



Version 1.1
Vimeo Player 1.1 – BlogEngine Extension

Fix: Compatibility issues with BlogEngine.NET 2.0 resolved.


Version 1.0, first release
Vimeo Player 1.0 – BlogEngine Extension

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  • BlogEngineNET Extension Vimeo Video , okay that made me curious. I have started out to develop utilising Silverlight but I am finding it is a big learning curve. My earlier experience is with php, mysql, most linux based tools and flash. The challenge of employing Silverlight to produce a good visual design that functions quickly in all the major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome can be a large headache which is taking me many hours to master. Absorbing to study your views and the comments in your site on Silverlight. I find the tutorial web sites and Microsofts offering are strict and cover the same points, discussion in web logs frequently addresses factual methods to overcome problems that leads me through the learning curve more rapidly. Thanks for the note, it has assisted in a small way to get me through the migration.

  • It’s weird, I’ve tried it and can’t seem to get it to work. Could I be missing something?

    I am running BE

  • Hi Nebbercracker, thanks for posting! Sorry to hear you’re having issues…

    This may be a silly question, but are you seeing it in the Extensions portion of the Administration panel? Can you successfully view the code and/or edit settings from there?

    Also, are you using an ISP or your own server? Maybe there’s a strange permission issue of some kind? Do you have any other extensions installed, and are they working correctly?

    Do you have a sample site I can have a look at?


  • Hey again, Nebbercracker!

    I don’t see an example where you’re attempting to put a video in and only the text shows up (was just going to double-check your syntax).

    As well, might I recommend you start disabling extensions to see if it finally starts working? I suppose it’s possible there’s a conflict of some kind with another extension?

  • Hey Nebbercracker. I just copied/pasted both video codes from you site into a test post, and they worked fine.

    One thing I recall from a while back, I’ve had some issues cutting and pasting the video codes into the BlogEngine editor. I think some formatting characters got passed in before and it would fail. Maybe try pasting everything into Notepad (to remove all formatting) and then copying from there into the BE editor and see if that helps…

    Any luck with removing extensions to see if there are conflicts?


  • Ahhhh, the irony. Were you ever able to resolve this Nebbercracker?

    I had a data failure tonight, and just restored my blog files from a backup. Upon loading, I’ve realized that my video extensions are no longer working…much like the problem you’ve been having.

    Did you ever get this resolved? If so, please advise! <laughing>


  • Hey again…I think I fixed the issue. Hopefully this will be the same fix for you?

    1) Stop IIS (confirmed this is required)
    2) Right click on the root of your blog -> Properties
    3) Uncheck "Read Only"
    4) Apply to all folders and sub-folders
    5) Restart IIS
    6) Voila…(for me, anyway)

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hi Al – thanks a lot for the extension! Also, regarding the problems that Nebbercracker mentioned – the two of you were probably talking cross purposes really. I can see that, while the extension works perfectly well with blog-entries, it won’t work with pages, and I guess that’s where Nebbercracker wants them …

  • Hey Olaf, thanks for the reply!

    I see what you’re saying…and I think this is an issue with the core of BE.NET, would you agree? I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s gotten extensions to work within pages (or anywhere other than posts).

  • Had problems installing at first but figured it out. Lots of great information on your blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Hello;

    I have problem regarding this. I tried alot but cant integrate it to my blog. Whenever i extract the file and put it on the extensions folder; bu site stop working. I can’t find the reason. Could you help me.

  • Hey folks,

    If someone wants to try adding this to the top of the .cs page in the Extensions folder:

    using BlogEngine.Core.Web.Extensions;

    I won’t be able to test this for a few days, but could be a quick fix (based on looking at the docs on the BE.NET site).

    Please let me know! Thanks.

By Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined