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Add CAPTCHA to Your BlogEngine.NET Installation – Reduce SPAM!


UPDATE 01.31.2010:  The latest release of BlogEngine.NET (2.0) addresses a number of spam-related issues and includes some of it’s own CAPTCHA-type options, including reCaptcha.

UPDATE 02.21.2010:  Michael’s post was updated to include a minor tweak required for BlogEngine 1.6 support.

No Spam!I’ve gotten a fair amount of attention regarding a post which details ways to reduce SPAM within your BlogEngine installation.  Yesterday, I received a comment from Michael Ceranski about a his adaptation of a CAPTCHA implementation.

I’ve installed it here, and it seems to work quite nicely.  A well-done and seamless integration within the AJAX commenting system BlogEngine employs.

Nicely done, and THANKS!
(Check it out here if you missed the link above)

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  • I’ve been reading a bit about this and would like to know first hand how you like it. Are people still getting thru? I have a blog and I’m just tired of having to moderate it all the time!

  • Very happy with it, Kim. Sure, some still get through…but after a bit of time BE learns who the good/bad ones are and my efforts to put mark them as SPAM are reduced.

  • Could you please guide me how did u impliment captcha? I have also implimented this on my web site but it is showing some javascript error..

  • Hey Shahid,

    I just followed the instructions on Mike’s site. Additionally, though, the latest version of BlogEngine has Captcha built in…so you might want to check that out.


  • Just wanted to say that I implemented this on my company’s blog and it works flawlessly. I haven’t seen a single spam go pass the blog yet. Thanks.

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Al Bsharah Business Minded, Technically Inclined